Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tyrant of Typography

Actually, that would be my husband, though in name only. Then again, he does the tyrant bit pretty well in practice.

(insert tyranny-justifying Machiavellian comment here)

Still - in our house, I'm the queen of type. I used to point out and name all the fonts of passing signage as we drove down the street (Luckily, husband was exceedingly tolerant. I've since come to the realization of the utter and complete annoying-ness of this habit and now refrain. Well, most of the time.)

Still, type and typography are our business and, I'll admit, passion. I love a good font. This quiz was a cinch - wanna try?


  1. What's wrong with tyranny? I don't think a recourse to Machiavelli is necessary today...I am in a more Thrasymachean mood.

  2. Right but, who says you're stronger?

  3. I need not be stronger, just perfectly unjust. It's a whole 'nother standard baby. XOXO

  4. Only you two would discuss Machiavelli and Thrasymacus on a blog. I love it!