Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Toddler Bedding (On The Cheap)

I'm not into cartoon characters.

Oh, the odd Disney movie is good for a kid. Imagining about princesses and castles, fast cars and jungle animals is fine. But Spongebob Square Pants? Give me a break.

When Jill leaves back for college in August, Reagan will inherit the twin bed. And he'll need bedding. Decent, non-cartoon bedding that will be fun, playful and beautiful. Oh, I've seen a lot of designs I love - particularly in organic cotton. But seriously - you want $400.00 for a two sheets, a pillowcase and a blanket? Um, no.

But how about this one? Certainly not organic, but it fits into the 'cheap' budget, the thread count is high and the design is definitely cool. I think orange and brown and funky circles make a fun combination, no? Is it too girly?

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