Friday, April 24, 2009

I Create (not an iphone app)

So we launched the new site last night (like late late late slash crack of dawn early) and, quite frankly, we're ecstatic. Mostly because it's done. But also because it's beautiful.

It's such a feeling of accomplishment to look at such beautiful things and know that I made that. Me, believe it or not. When we first showed my parents our family sticker designs, my dad said: "Who did you get to draw those for you?" I flushed with pride (and a little incredulity too) and said: "Me, Dad. I did that." "You?" Not that he was shocked, but really, he was shocked. "I didn't know you were an artist or could draw things like that." Quite frankly, Dad, neither did I. But just look here and see, I apparently am. And I can. And just to prove it (and pay our electric bill), I did.

I'm a fan of the handmade craze. A fan of Etsy and its artists. A fan of repurposing and thrift. A fan of making do and of making the world a little prettier while I'm at it. A fan of bloggers who do amazing things - and tell all of us more-regular types how to do the same. Seriously, I'm a fan of creating and sharing and becoming.

Stumbled upon this video today and love it.


  1. Congrats! I have struggled to design my webpage- hence it not being done yet. I have kind of resigned the fact that I am going to be doing the property management full time and everything else will have to wait. So, what's the name of your new site?

  2. Same name, actually Belvedere Designs at, but a whole new look, and collection. I think it's pretty darn cool, to tell the truth.