Saturday, April 4, 2009

Reagan - Eligible Bachelor Extra-Ordinaire

Brooke - ... doesn't have a prom date.

Jordan - Reagan's schedule is open.

Brooke - 1. He's not sixteen yet. What kind of parent are you?
2. I don't think they'd let him in.
3. He'd get cranky if he stayed out that late.
4. His ticket would be more expensive since he's not a UHS student. Thanks for offering me your toddler, though.

Jordan - Au contraire,
1. His favorite words are "nice" and "pretty." What girl doesn't like that?
2. He will be the cutest boy there, hands down, so all the girls will be jealous.
3. He loves dancing....
4. No bouncer can stop him...he can run through their legs too fast. Trust me, I've seen it done.
5. The extra cost of his ticket is defrayed by his ability to order off the kids, he is paying because he is a gentleman.

Look out world, here he comes.

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