Tuesday, April 14, 2009

May I introduce...

Basically, my friend Sarah is amazing and I think you should know it. We met my freshman year of college. She was everything I wanted to be - and well, more. Sometimes I still want to be Sarah. Or at the very least, live with/next to/in the same town as she. She writes for The Apron Stage - smash hit writing, by the way. I recommend. And I seriously heart these stories of hers:

Professional Mini-Crush

DTR With My Student Loan Officer

Boyfriend 1.0

But really, you can't go too far wrong at the Apron Stage. Every day is a new adventure. I often feel like Steve does (who I also met my freshman year) in his guest article A Friend of Enders (also at the Apron Stage).

Check back daily (or at the very least, every Monday when Sarah posts - what a gem, eh?)

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