Tuesday, April 14, 2009

About that book I borrowed...

Sometimes I get so excited about reading new books that posting them to my MONSTROUS to-read list on Goodreads just isn't enough. So I order them from the library, bring them home, fondle them lovingly, flip through the pages and set them on my nightstand to be read the instant I have a spare moment.

Unfortunately, that spare moment never comes, but the due date does. Sometimes I remember in time to renew it without a fee. Sometimes (more likely than not) I don't. And they sit through another due date cycle, lonely and unread. Late, late, late at night as I climb into bed, I'll gamely open the cover, read a page or two and give up in sheer exhaustion. "I guess tonight's just not the night," I sigh. And so they sit. Another due date comes and goes, a renewal is made and then, somewhere in the middle of the third renewal, I finally give up and admit that I'm just not going to get to it anytime soon.

But the draw of having the book - the physical book - in my presence, in my hands, on my nightstand is too much. It's no longer a simple issue of letting it pass back into circulation and stay (unread) on my to-read list. So instead it's added to the wish list at Barnes and Noble. And sometimes, if it was a particularly appealing book and the (very) few pages I did manage to read before they were reluctantly given up to the whirling of public library circulation were fascinating, they'll go into the checkout list at bn.com and a few days later I'll have it again on my nightstand - no late fees looming, threatening, compelling. And, someday, I'll find that spare moment and sit down with that good book - that long-awaited and infinitely-patient tome. And, like a faithful companion, it'll be there every night until then.

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