Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spinach Tales

1. The best way to eat spinach is lightly steamed with salt & pepper and a dash of vinegar (ahhhh, bliss).

2. When my mother was pregnant with me, she craved spinach.

3. I was always disappointed that an armful of spinach so big I couldn't see around it cut fresh from the garden made such a very little of edible cooked spinach - little more than a handful (sigh). And that had to be shared among the eight of us (double sigh).

4. Canned spinach is a horrid impostor. Don't risk it; it's offensive.

5. Frozen spinach is still a sad substitute, but when fresh spinach is not in season (or in the budget), it'll do in a pinch.

6. Despite his spinach-eating prowess, I always thought Popeye was kind of homely.

7. Spinach is my favorite vegetable (and maybe my favorite fruit too).

8. Also, considering it is green and leafy and a vegetable, it's likely exceedingly good for you.

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