Thursday, March 5, 2009

Naptime Antics

Generally, I use Reagan's naptime to do the dishes, catch up on the laundry, make the bed, clean the bathroom, answer business emails, process orders, prep for dinner, have a sit-down lunch, make a phone call, or on truly dreadful days, catch a few winks myself.

Today, I made these.

Naptime + sale fabric + an amazing easy tutorial for Envelope Pillow Covers from tinyDecor and voila! I couldn't resist. Can you see the detail on the brown one? It's my favorite. Linen with stitched flowers - the texture is amazing. The green paisley is Jordan's favorite (I knew he'd love it - green is his color and paisley his pattern - well actually, I think argyle wins that fight).

And, true to any project I ever attempt, I had to make at least one fatal flaw. I had bought enough of the green paisley to cover two pillows, but experienced a serious calculation + cutting malfunction and so ended up short. No worries. I rifled through my stash (largely supported by my mother-in-law, mind you) and found this remnant of green fabric from the quilt I made using the Shangri-la by 3 sisters for Moda collection.

And well, I'm glad - at least this once - for the fatal flaw (and thrilled that it didn't require any stitch ripping, which it generally does. Ugh.). I love that they're now three different fabrics and textures - and somehow it came together so well. I had to make Jordan tell me three times they were beautiful.

Because they are, aren't they?

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  1. They are gorgeous! By the way, I love your blog! You have a wonderful way with words, and I thoroughly enjoy the pictures you paint:)