Friday, March 6, 2009

Naptime Antics Take II

I'll admit, I'm easily addicted. Journaling, diet coke, CSI, scrapbooking, blogging, and now, sewing. (at least each phase comes in spurts and only one at a time)

The envelope pillowcases were so much fun and turned out so well that though I spent the evening working, I was thinking of all the other projects I have tucked away that I want to (and now felt compelled to) finish. When I finally quit work (in the wee hours), I even considered putting in a few hours at the sewing machine. I seriously don't often think these things through well enough; I'd be signing myself up for torture! Reagan wakes up like clockwork at 7:20, regardless of how little sleep I've had; I should take this into consideration and rethink the wee-hour bedtime routine. I passed on the all-night-sewing option (to my great relief come 7:20 this morning) and opted instead for a Naptime Take II adventure.

Quite frankly, it turned out exceedingly well. And, I'm very proud to say - no fatal flaw. This might likely be a first in my sewing adventures. (then again, maybe I've just missed it and it will become glaringly apparent in the next few days... I'll let you know). I love how cute it is! I got the fat quarter (the brown patterned fabric) for $1.50 and the green is leftover Shangri-la fabric from the same quilt I mentioned yesterday. I love getting rid of scraps in such a great way and $1.50? Score.

It looks like I'm big into the green/brown color scheme, eh?

This will be my new church bag, I think. Just right for my scriptures and lesson manual (hmmmm, but not so much room for snacks and toys and diapers and wipes and books. Guess I'll have to bring a second bag for Reagan - but I think he'll be rather pleased to have a bag dedicated to only him).

I found this tutorial at Cicada Daydream (very fun blog to follow) via One Pretty Thing (my favorite daily resource. I should really curb my viewing though... it's inspiring too many torturous late-night crafting plans). The tutorial was really easy to follow (which is a big thing for me, considering my fatal flaw issue) and though my fabric was quite a bit narrower and so my bag came out tall and skinny, it's remarkably spot on. Nice.

I would only add that when it comes time to turn the handles right side out, pin a large safety pin to one end, threading it through a few times to make the "grab" sturdier. Then turn it and push it back through to the opposite end, gathering and pulling until you can grasp where the safety pin is pinned to the fabric and pull. Less than thirty seconds and a whole lot less frustration (I've been there plenty of times, not anxious to return).

And voila! A tote bag for $1.50 and an hour or so of your time. Not a bad deal.

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  1. Fun and fabulous! I have another friend of mine who sews amazing bags, and I admire you both! Sewing machines and I don't get along very well, so what takes you an hour would take me an eternity:) You should open an Etsy shop-I'd buy from you!