Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Heirlooms

When Jordan and I lived in Boise, we took advantage of the relatively reasonable driving distance to get to Grandma Kochel's in Wishram, WA and visited several times. During these visits, Grandma and I sat down, went through piles and bundles and boxes and envelopes full of photos and clippings and memorabilia covering almost a hundred years of Kochel family history. I remember being so amazed at the treasure we were unearthing and couldn't wait to do something amazing with it all. The main idea, of course, was to preserve it and then find some way to share it with the rest of our extended family.

I went home with a box full of treasure, fully intending to scan and print and paste and journal and well... life caught up with me instead. We got pregnant, moved twice in three months, Jordan began his PhD program, had a baby, started our own business, moved again, have been swamped with business got-to-dos and well... nothing had yet happened with my box of family treasures.

Until this weekend.

I heard about ScanCafe several months ago (I think maybe Flylady mentioned it as a way to get rid of photo clutter). It seemed like the perfect solution, and so reasonable. But before I could send them my box of treasures, I needed to at least go through them to type up all the notes and stories I had jotted down as Grandma and I visited (and I knew that if I didn't make note, I was no way going to remember who was who). This I can say for sure: I love great-grandma Mabel (my grandfather's mother) who thought to write on the backs of all her photos. We'd be literally lost without those quick notes. I finally got to it this weekend (thanks to the added impetus of a sale with a firm deadline at ScanCafe).

So. Now they're duly noted, sorted, bundled, boxed and shipped. In a few weeks, we'll have digital copies and boy - there'll be no holding me back then. The final project? To be unveiled when complete. Stay tuned.

Yes, the photo above is a quick snap of the mess our dining room table was in this weekend - but aren't those old photos amazing? I get breathy just thinking about how much history is there. Four, five, even six generations of photos. Ah-May-Zing.

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