Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Epic Bad Day

Generally, I'm even-tempered. I don't get angry or upset or bothered or frustrated or annoyed or incensed very often. I can keep cool under a lot of strain.

Unfortunately, the other day was the glaring exception to this rule. So much so that it must be classified an epic bad day.

To spare details (and avoid another heart-racing, face-burning, anger-inducing telling), I'll say only that I took the car for an oil change and alignment expecting a wait of 1 hour tops. I took the baby and a little snack. I brought the stroller so we could go for a walk while we waited. It was a reasonably nice day and we had a nice walk. The car was not done when we returned two hours later (actually, it hadn't even been touched). Nor was it done an hour and a half later when Reagan was fussy and way past due for lunch and a nap.

It took me a day or so to calm down enough to think of the silver lining in this cloud, but here it is: we stopped at the dollar store and bought a coloring book and crayons. Reagan is the newest color-er on the block and is enamored. We also stumbled upon a circus setting up for a performance. We got up close and personal with the stars petting zoo (or what would be the petting zoo). Reagan was a bit timid at first considering the Clydesdale gelding was so big, but he warmed right up to the miniature pony who was just his size and thought the lamas were pretty silly. We left smelling like horse - and until we returned to the mechanic, it was a glorious feeling.

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  1. Good for you for finding the positive side of such an annoying experience. It's amazing how rude and frustrating bad customer service can be. It's a lost art.