Sunday, March 29, 2009

ahhhh..... the weekend

When Jordan and I lived in Boise (and were kid-less), we lived for the weekends. I would clean the house Saturday morning, we'd go to the farmer's market, Jordan would play hockey, we'd watch CSI to the wee hours or eat at the Wok King (our favorite hole-in-the-wall chinese). On Sunday we'd walk to church, Jordan would make a fabulous meal to which friends were generally in attendance, we'd watch more CSI or read or just play and would call it all in all, a fantastic weekend.

The good 'ol days when we owned a house....

I know, I didn't think he was all that intimidating either.
Snowmobiling in McCall

Not that that's changed so much because we now have a little one, but rather because we're now in the throes (and woes) of grad school and small business demands and well, every crazy hectic day melds into the next. Friday no longer means anything. And Saturday? Just another day. Sunday is the one breath of fresh air, but it's over much too quickly and Monday begins again. (sigh)

This weekend was different. Maybe because it's spring and it's too hot in our house without the windows and doors wide open and the fan on. Whatever it was, this was a lovely weekend.

Saturday, I went to a baby shower. Katie, the hostess, has an amazingly beautiful backyard/deck/garden. I'm inspired; I'm going to plant a garden in the four square feet of rocky soil against our back wall. I made the baby gift Friday night (and am still gushing with pride over it): a tote bag, diaper clutch and bib from fabric found in my "stash" (generously donated, of course, by my mother-in-law). Not a penny spent and a whole lotta accomplishment in that.

And PS - no fatal flaw (I know! Like I said, I'm still gushing)

That afternoon, when we heard bagpipes playing around the corner we, on a whim, saddled Reagan into the stroller and went to investigate. Some Scottish troup were practicing in the park around the corner from us - twirling fancy drums and traditional melodies included. So Reagan ruled the playground, owned the slide and trumped the swings while we listened and soaked up the sunshine. Then a walk to the village to pick up the mail and an impromptu lunch at Le Pain Quotidien - absolutely fabulous.

Did I mention that Reagan is currently addicted to raisins
and that strawberries and gouda were on sale?
Makes for a lovely lunch for a little guy, no?

That evening I went to a dinner party (yes, a girls' night out) at Rebecca's. Gorgeous food: chicken provencal, and a fancy limeade/mojita (sans alcohol for me, thanks). Lovely company: Rebecca and Lindsey are exceptional women. Then a (free) piano concert and I realized I hadn't been to a concert since college. Now, that didn't sound too awfully bad until I realized that it's been four years since I've been in school (sigh) and that's much too long to go without a proper concert.

Lovely lovely lovely day.

And Sunday was likewise lovely: Reagan's first day of Nursery - he was too impatient to take his turn in the hall whilst the other parents navigated the kissing/hugging/reassuring parting with their little ones. He yanked his hand out of mine and barrelled into the room. I think he'll be fine (chuckle) and it's nice to have church "to ourselves" again. Though to be honest, Reagan is generally quite well-behaved and it hasn't been much of a hassle to have him with us in class.

In honor of the special day, Reagan got to wear one of
Jordan's favorite ties - and a triple Windsor knot to boot.

Then a drive out to Burbank to eat traditional Italian-American Sunday Dinner at Jordan's grandparents' house. Ian (Jordan's brother) and Jill (his nearly-fiancee) drove up from San Diego and Fran and Darren and fam came to visit too. Reagan loves Nana's house - dogs, cousins, pasta and plenty of attention - can't ask for much more than that. Also had his first scooter ride - what a thrill.

See what I mean? Lovely weekend. And weekends like these make the weeks more bearable. (thank heavens)

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  1. The bags are so cute. Nice work!
    As much as I love my current job the one bad thing is that I often have to work weekends. It makes me grateful for the lazy Saturdays when I can relax or the ones where I can actually get things done.