Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pre-Potty Training 101

We're slowly but surely easing Reagan into potty mode. He knows the sign. He has a chair. And he occasionally spends a minute or two sitting on it (minus the bare bottom - that's still a little too traumatic for him, apparently). Daddy is even generous enough to lend some of his reading material to "sweeten the deal."

This morning someone left the bathroom door open. I was standing at the sink doing dishes, Jordan was rummaging in the fridge when Reagan drags in his potty, sets it down and takes a seat, jabbering to himself the whole time. "Puts a whole new meaning to Porta-Potty, doesn't it?" Jordan quips.

Sometimes I wish he were ready right now and we could forgo the stench of toddler diaper messes. ("Stinky," Reagan says and grabs his nose when we change his pants.) But easy does it I guess and we'll keep on with this stage until he kicks it up a notch so we can try the bare bottom on the seat idea next.

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