Thursday, February 26, 2009

mmmm, lunch

When I was a kid, hanging out with cousins was the epitome of a good time. We built forts, chased indians, jumped horses and staged rodeos, had fashion shows, settled colonies, swam in creeks and ponds, and conducted wild cow herd round-ups on a regular basis. And just today I remembered that we went through a phase where "mmmmmmm, lunch" was a staple of our vocabulary. It generally referred to something really really disgusting (like that time we were at the Gulbranson family reunion in Minnesota and we caught a huge salamander and dissected it with my dull pocket knife - mmmmm, lunch.)

Not today though. Not today.

I was in the mood for something a lot vegetable, a little chicken and a smidge of rice. What to make? A stir-fry, of course. Now, I used to hate stir-fry and I still get a bit queasy when I get a whiff of those frozen stir-fry vegetables a-sizzlin'. But made from scratch, I've discovered that a stir-fry can be a great way to get exactly what I want for lunch.

So I cleaned out the fride - garlic and onion are staples, of course, but I had some red and yellow peppers left over from earlier in the week and a zucchini and a couple mushrooms, even a handful of carrots. Chopped 'em up, sizzled in a bit of olive oil until tender. I diced the leftover mango-curry-marinaded chicken Jordan grilled the other night and tossed that in along with a cup of cooked brown rice from Trader Joe's (hoorah for Trader Joe's!). Toss to warm through, a little splash of soy sauce and mmmmm, lunch.

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