Friday, February 20, 2009

The Height of Sophistication

My mom often reminds me that at some point in my teenage years, I had my heart set on a black and white kitchen. She even tucked a lovely black and white tea towel in my stocking this year. I'm always touched that she keeps remembering this little fact, even though my memory isn't quite as certain (this phase wasn't quite as potent as my brief obsession with pigs, apparently). However, when I come across something as lovely as this, the inkling is there.

I could definitely do a black and white kitchen.

Or a black and white formal dining room. Or, at the very least, a black and white dinner set with white table linens and black accents. Ahhh - perfect for all those black-tie affairs I'll be hosting (though not yet. Starving students don't host black tie affairs. Ask me how I know.)

PS - A note re: the pigs mentioned above. I did not have an obsession with the animals themselves (wiggly, pink, and generally muddy), but with the idea of pigs in decor. I had posters and piggy banks, statuettes and calendars, embroidered tea towels and framed illustrations - all to the tune of pig. I've since discarded this notion (and, I think, any physical evidence) for something a little more practical, a little more hip and a lot less piggy. Thank goodness for that.

Black Ribbon Dinner Set found via decor8 at Lealand Eve Boutique (gorgeous things - and they're having a sale of those picks featured on the decor8 blog - including this little gem)


  1. My mom has a whole set of white china and platters and they have been the best. You can use them for any setting, holiday or event- formal, informal, Christmas, summer etc. Black or black and white would work just as well as white.

  2. I personally miss the pig calendar you had squirreled away in the bottom of the hope-chest...