Friday, February 27, 2009

Do-It-Myself Design

Remember that toddler bedding I loved so much a few posts back? Well, I still can't afford it, but the design was so perfect and so fun that I had to use it somewhere/somehow. So I drew up my own version (remarkably similar, I admit) in my graphics program, sent it to the vinyl machine and tada - a custom design just for me. I put it on the door to Reagan's room with his name beneath it and a bit of a frame to anchor everything together. These are the advantages of having my own vinyl design business; great ideas become low-cost reality in a jiffy.

Next up, the tiles in the kitchen need a little umpf.

PS - A note on the photos: I know, they're not stellar. And though I was trying for an 'artful, 'this is real life' pose, Reagan had just woken up from his nap and was either very upset and crying or, as we see above, much too engrossed in scooting under the crib (and around the wrapping paper bin and over the business boxes we store there for lack of a better spot) to retrieve the socks he had taken off and flung there an hour or so earlier before he fell asleep. It's a daily ritual - both the sock flinging and the consequent retrieving.

PPS - You want one too? Have your people contact my people via email [info (at) mybelvedere (dot) com] and we'll chat. chuckle...

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